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Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE)


OIS believes in “people first” in all its activities. That is why we consider safety to be our highest priority.

OIS is committed to a strong and effective safety program. Our goal is to protect our staff, clientele, the public and property from accident and injury. Management, supervisors, and employees are responsible for carrying out the safety initiatives of OIS. Active participation and training by all employees is required in order to fully achieve the safety excellence we require. Through continuous effort and safety supervision, our ongoing goal is to maintain an injury and accident free environment.

Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE)

Constantly striving to improve the work environment.

A safe work environment doesn't happen automatically. The oil industry comes with special challenges in that arena that other industries never face. At OIS, we recognise these challenges and rise to meet them.

Global Impact Statement:

OIS is committed to maintaining the highest level of global citizenship. To that end, we take the environmental impact of our industry very seriously. By employing industrial Best Practices in all our affairs, we can not only protect the safety of the individuals working for us, and with us, but we can minimize the impact on the planet that our necessary work may have.